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How Do I Apply Eye Makeup Start by prepping your eyes with concealer. This can be used to cover up undereye circles or the bluish discoloration just under the inner eye. In order to cover dark circles, apply three dots of concealer under each eye. Start with the area where the skin is darkest, then under the pupil, then the outer edge. Pat under the concealer disappears, never rub. Then, apply eye base to the lid. This is the secret to keeping the shadow in place for hours. Otherwise, the eyeshadow will end up as a greasy line in the crease. Now apply eye shadow. It is best to use a three tones shadow, and build from the lids to the brow. Allow them to blend into each other like a rainbow. Blend the colors. Follow this up with an eyeliner. Line your eyes as close to the upper lashes as possible from the inner corner to the outer corner. On the bottom eyes, only line from the middle out, and smudge this line with a Q-tip or your finger. You can follow this up with a highlighter on the inside part of the eye. Blend this in with your fingers. Then, highlight your brow with the same highlight. Start from the middle out, and blend with your finger. You can also use a eyelash curler to make your long lashes look incredible. The final step is to apply mascara to your eyelashes. more Q sessions like thisHow to Pluck Eyebrows?How Do I Put On Eyeliner?How Do I Highlight Hair?What Is Quinceanera?What is fashion design?Who are the Oscar nominees for 2008?What are the most memorable movie quotes?What Is Peau Satin?What is modeling?How to Draw Caricatures?How Can I Combine RAR Files?What Is A Cosmetic?What is Absinthe?What is Mortar?What is Skin?How Much Is Dry Ice?

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why we were not selling anything; the products you saw are already selling to the best brands in the world, pieces that are seen at events like Maison et Object and Salon del Mobile We just thought this was a good opportunity to showcase what India is capable of doing in design, that our products are so superior that the best companies in the world want to buy from here. Raza, Manjit Bawa and Paresh Maity and designs by fashion designers Sabyasachi, Rajesh Pratap Singh and Rohit Bal, to name a few, the sales proceeds from which went towards People For Animals. This time Manish Arora has come up with five carpet designs. Because of millions of people who are embrace the luxurious concept of French fashion. It really contributes percentage of per capita in the economy through the clothing industry in Europe. French are not just done on clothing line. For one, this is just usual for white shirts, it might be problematic to use it on colored shirts. Also, the quality of designs is not as good as those made through screen printing. Hence, utmost care should be taken. It's always interesting to see how people interpret the trends and incorporate them into their personal style. There is no better way to observe the connection between the runway and the "realway" than by keeping a keen eye to the streets. In fact, street style spotting has almost becoming a sport with websites like All The Pretty Birds, Jak And Jil and Swagger New York topping my daily hit list.. What do Omega Psi Phi, Phi Beta Sigma, Kappa Alpha Psi and Alpha Phi Alpha have in common? These fraternities have many achievers to their credits. They all have men who passed through portals of their universities with flying colors. These fraternities have made an expression in their loyalty to their pledge. absorbing, empowering work hasn't got much to do with excitement. it's about expressing and developing something of your own. it doesn't have to be different, or exciting, or ground-breaking. Many a times marriage becomes a full stop to the love life where as it should be the unending celebration of the same. Husband gets busy at work and wife struggles between home and office. In all this, the romantic moments seem to just vanish never to return. When your lady you really do have a lot more choice in what you can wear for your legs comfort. You can wear smart trousers if you are wearing a shirt or you can opt in to wear jeans. If you are wearing jeans you can choose to wear regular jeans which wont feel tight and wont feel loose.

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Friends John Muscat, 38, and Jennifer Wells, 39, of Line Knitwear are the éminences grises of the pack. They have worked together for 15 years and their collection is available in more than 500 stores across North America - though their edgier runway collection is mostly seen at Design Lab at Holt Renfrew. The duo showed in New York for the first time in September, and have significant star power behind them - Jennifer Garner and Sandra Bullock, among others, are fans. In my last piece I talked about how podcasts, social bookmarking and social networking have moved from being the preserve of early adopters to a regular feature of mainstream websites. It easy to see the extraordinary pace of change on the web, with hugh volumes of users eager to engage with Web 2.0 applications. The demand for sharing personal information, photos and videos has already extended to online invitations, friendship networks and recruitment tools. Fully Chic doesn want to be too hard on Blakey. She did not show last year and we are only too aware that Blakey would not be the first to pull out of the following year AFW following a scathing review. These brands spend a lot of money on shows, pending the level of sponsorship, and we don blame anyone for turning around and saying, you lot if the fruits of their endeavors are met with a frosty reception.. "Hussein Chalayan is not only hugely creative but also has an incredible passion for fabric and technology," says Puma's CEO, Jochen Zeitz. "For that reason, we have a mutual understanding of one another. Only very few designers have managed to create a business on their own without being part of a big fashion conglomerate, and he is done that. Forever the showman, Julien is unpredictable and courts controversy - something he unashamedly admits to. "Do you really want to go to another fashion show where you see the same bland models walk along the same boring runway? I do my own thing and I have been doing it for the last 10 years. I always say to people if you don't like it, don't come, simple as that. A joint collaboration between Emmy-winning actor Danny DeVito and famed South Florida restaurateur David Manero, DeVito South Beach is truly one of the most unique dining establishments in South Florida. The concept of the restaurant is an old-world Italian chop house meets the glamorous 1940s era set in the most beautiful surroundings possible. Warm colors, multiple fireplaces and a cantina-like wine room evoke the charm of yesteryear with a contemporary twist.

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