Special Cranes

special-crane-thumbSpecial production processes demand special crane applications. With our years of experience in the industry, we are able to translate your specific needs from concept to implementation. Such processes require continuous peak performance and as your crane partner we endeavour to ensure that not only is a high quality crane delivered on time but its reliability is maintained by our competent service engineers and technicians regularly.

Our products include but not limited to:

  • Vessel Engine Cranes
  • Gantry Cranes

The distinct features of our cranes include:

  • SWL range from 5t to 100t and span up to 50m
  • As a standard, a multi-controller with the ability to continuously monitor load and for the purpose of overload protection
  • Girders are made of high quality steel
  • Customers have the choice of either standard headroom or extremely low headroom allowing a longer hook path
  • Double girder cranes not only cater to higher SWL but also higher accessibility to loads
  • Rotomatik’s unique end carriages which are box constructed to withstand torsion
  • Low-maintenance long travel and cross travel drives with integrated disc brakes
  • Wear-resistant travel wheels are made of highquality self-lubricating spheroidal graphite cast iron


Vessel Engine Cranes

vessel-engine-crane-thumbWith years of experience in supplying cranes to the marine industry, Rotomatik specialises supplying cranes to ocean going vessels. These cranes are used to assist in the servicing and repair of ships’ engines.

Because of the rolling and yawing actions of ocean going vessels, such cranes are designed using the rack-and-pinion drive technique to ensure absolute operational stability even when the ships are cruising.

The distinct features are:

  • Unlikely for crane to jump track due to rack-and-pinion drive system
  • Structures and hoists treated for salty and high humidity environment
  • All materials are cast iron
  • Aluminium are treated to withstand salty environment
  • Certification is provided if required


Gantry Cranes

gantry-crane-thumbRotomatik’s gantry cranes can operate indoor and outdoor.

For outdoor operations, portal cranes are used in specialised industries such MRT tunnel digging, prefabrication of concrete beams & slabs. The cranes are built to withstand harsh weather conditions of high humidity and strong sunshine and high intense operations in a dusty environment. Our hoists are classified FEM 3M or 4M meaning they are constructed for such kind of work. Customers can sit back and relax and let the cranes do the work.