Goods Hoists

goods-hoist-thumbThe goods hoist is an equipment used to transfer cargo vertically from floor to floor, working just like a passenger lift.

Rotomatik’s goods hoists are considered to be one of the safest in the industry due to the amount of R&D spent on designing and manufacturing the product.

As an experienced and technically competent goods hoist maker, we are capable of supplying goods hoists to firms that need to move cargoes and goods from floor to floor.

Our standard goods hoist normally consists of a steel cage with a doors or shutter.Guided by steel guide elements, the heart of the system is the true vertical lift hoist.

The goods hoist can be designed to run in a free standing structure or as a complete system integrated into a building lift shaft.

The distinct features of Rotomatik’s goods hoist are:

  • True vertical lift
  • Triple protection – all shutters / doors must be firmly closed otherwise goods hoist cannot ascend or descend; shoebrakes which firmly gripped the guide rails ensure precision levelling with floor surface; emergency brake built into the hoist in case shoebrakes fail
  • Only wirerope hoists are used which provides a high rope safety factor and very low probability of rope failure
  • All motors are FEM 4m which is unmatched in the industry