Electric Wire Rope Hoists


The rigorously modular construction of STAHL’s SH and SHW ranges permits practically unlimited combinations of components both for simple and for individual solutions.

The modular system ensures efficient production at the highest level of quality and maximum flexibility. Five frame sizes of the SH range with 26 S.W.L. variants, from 500 kg to 100,000 kg, are available and can be used in standardised cranes, custom-built cranes or in overhead conveyor systems.

The distinct features of Stahl wire rope hoists are:

  • Stahl cast iron rope guide will ensure long lasting operation
  • Heavy duty motor Classification up to FEM 4M
  • Brake is deliberately manufactured oversize to maximise contact and minimise load free falling
  • Electronic controlled motor and brake management¬†reduces wear & tear
  • Adjustable brakes
  • Motor outside drum¬†enables easy access and facilitates servicing
  • Curve movements